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vCIO - Virtual Chief Information Officer

A vCIO is a trusted partner to the senior leadership of a company providing insight into how implementing the right technology, at the right time, can help take a company to the next level. The vCIO role is ideal for companies of 25 to 500 employees that need the leadership of a CIO for a project or ongoing IT management without the expenses of a full time officer.

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Planning and Advising

A vCIO is more than a technical expert. A vCIO has a broad range of business management skills including an understanding of operations, finance, and marketing.
To effectively help a company develop their technology roadmaps, the vCIO role must have an in-depth understanding of business in order to properly plan and manage the application of appropriate solutions.

  • IT assessments and audit assistance from third party regulatory and compliance authorities
  • Technology budget development and oversight
  • Security policy development
  • Immediate and long range strategic planning

Information Technology Management

Unlike traditional IT support, the vCIO role is a proactive resource, someone with an ear to the ground regarding a company's IT infrastructure or in-house IT support team. A vCIO combines business and leadership skills with technical acumen - this combination helps your company manage, grow, and mentor technical staff while also addressing technology-oriented business needs traditional IT engineers can't.

  • Computer operations oversight and management
  • Vendor management and contract negotiation
  • IT staff oversight and coaching - develop IT staffing models and wage scales
  • IT budget management and cost accounting
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Special Projects

Are you going through a merger, acquisition, or asset sale? Often times the IT aspects including data ownership, social asset transfers, and transitional archiving are overlooked. We have the experience to assist during due diligence and post-deal transition which can greatly improve the success of these critical business projects.

  • M&A or asset sale due diligence
  • M&A or asset sale transition planning
  • IT rightsizing projects to scale IT expenses to business finances
  • Systems and application deployment project management