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Threats are Everywhere

The list is endless — Ransomware, phishing, malware, viruses, WiFi hijacks, mobile device hacks, system intrusion and data compromise, employee data theft and sabotage.

In addition to the financial impact to your business, These attacks can negatively affect your reputation with your customers.


Phishing and ransomware Education

Reduce your largest attack surface - your end-users. Information security is only as secure as your weakest link. Attackers relentlessly target end-users with spear-phishing, spam, and socially engineered attacks. More than 90% of ransomware attacks are delivered via these types of email messages.

A company's employees are the most likely target for these types of malware attacks. Educated and diligent end-users are a critical last layer of defense against these threats. That is why we believe a solid security awareness program is an integral part of any company's defense-in-depth strategy.

Arm your staff to keep your information safe with effective security awareness testing and training. Barule Group can help structure and automate defense education for your users with routine simulated attack campaigns, training, follow-up, and reporting.


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Security Assessments

Developing a complete security and threat mitigation strategy requires a starting point of knowing where your company stands. Further developing a proper security strategy can be highly dependent on industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX and GLBA. 

We realize information and systems security is not 'one size fits all'  different business sizes and industries require unique approaches. Our professionals can assist in the evaluation of any or all of these components of a security and threat management plan:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Endpoint
  • Compliance
  • Wireless
  • Physical
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Layered Protection

The days of having just anti-virus software running on your computers protecting your company are over. Threats are more sophisticated and abundant and can often bypass a single layer of protection. Our approach is to help our clients with a multi-layered approach to security that includes:

  • Perimeter protection on internet connections to prevent intrusions
  • Filtering and monitoring of end-users and applications to prevent access to malicious sites
  • Email filtering and monitoring for malicious emails, links and attachments
  • End-user education and testing
  • Endpoint Protection (both traditional computers and mobile devices) for virus and malware infections
  • Securing remote access of systems and data
  • Securing communication/sharing of data including use of portable storage devices


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