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Data Protection

Data Protection


Your Business is Your Data

The statistics are not in your favor. Every day businesses shut their doors permanently simply because they didn’t have a reliable data protection service.  Those that don’t go under spend thousands of dollars and sometimes years rebuilding what they once had at their fingertips. Don’t fall victim to the data loss gremlins.  Natural disasters, fire, viruses, data corruption, and user-error happen. The circumstance itself may be beyond your control, but protecting your data and recovering it anytime, anywhere has never been easier or more affordable.


Continuous Data Protection

The ability to restore data from anywhere at any time is a value proposition no business owner should deny and one they simply can’t do without – whether it's a natural disaster threat or a ransomware outbreak, your company's survival is at stake. How long will it take your business to get back to work after a major problem?

Continuous Data Protection means your important files are always being watched; files are protected shortly after they have been saved, allowing for quick recovery to that point in time minutes before everything went wrong. Don’t wait for Data Gremlins to strike. Be proactive. Be prepared.

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Maintaining records as a business owner for a period of time is an important tool to prepare for the future unknown. In many cases, the timelines are mandated from a set of regulations — PCI, FINRA, HIPAA, and many others.

File versioning is also critical when recovering from changes to a document that aren't immediately seen as problematic. Having access to historical versions lets you rebuild the documents you want and need without having to reinvent everything from memory. Barule Group's sophisticated backup solutions can be tailored to meet any and all requirements for compliance and versioning.


Endpoint Protection

Users regularly copy files to their local laptops and desktops "to make things easier". This is hardly the case, as key company data is now on multiple systems in various versions. 

An average of 15,000 hard drives fail every day in the U.S. Ransomware attacks can quickly render a system useless and inaccessible. It's only a matter of time before something critical is lost.
Barule Group's endpoint backup solutions can help minimize the impact of these